Skin Undertones And How To Identify Them


Hello Beauties, We’ve come across this topic from my last blog post-  MAC RUBY WOO. Have you ever tried a shade of a lipstick that instantly brightens your face? And you try the same shade of a different lipstick that makes you look dull? It’s all a game of Undertones. The first shade of the lipstick […]

December 23, 2017

Mac Ruby Woo


Mac Ruby Woo! Hello, Beauties. This is the first post on my blog and I wanted it to be about a LIPSTICK as I am a sucker for lipsticks., especially Matte lipsticks. ❤️ Today, I’m going to talk about my favourite lipstick. 💋 Mac Ruby Woo is my favourite of all the lipsticks that I […]

August 29, 2017