Skin Undertones And How To Identify Them

Beauty / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Hello Beauties, We’ve come across this topic from my last blog post-  MAC RUBY WOO.

Have you ever tried a shade of a lipstick that instantly brightens your face? And you try the same shade of a different lipstick that makes you look dull? It’s all a game of Undertones. The first shade of the lipstick probably has matched your skin’s surface tone, while the second shade may have a different Undertone. Same goes for the foundation.

If you choose the wrong shade of Foundation or foundation with the wrong undertone, The foundation on your face will oxidise or it leaves a white cast on the face.

Now, it’s easy to describe one’s skin colour as fair, dark, tan, medium/dusky etc., This is what we call skin’s surface tone.

But Undertones are something you cannot easily detect.

Fret not! I’ve got you covered.

Let’s read about the Undertones and types of Undertones and how to figure out what your Undertones are.

When you figure out your Undertone, you can easily choose the best foundation match, Hair colour, and lipsticks.

3 types of Undertones i.e., Warm, cool & neutral.

  • If you’re Warm Undertone, your skin will have yellow, peachy or Golden tinge.
  • If you’re Cool Undertone, your skin will have Pink, red or blue tinge.
  • If you’re neutral Undertone, your skin will have a mixture of colours from warm & cool Undertones.

But how to know what skin Undertone you are?

Here I’m going to jot down easiest ways to know your Undertone easily.

1. What looks good on you? GOLD or SILVER?

Deck up yourself with Gold and silver jewellery. What looks good on you? Gold or silver? If gold, You’re warm toned or if silver, you’re cool toned and if both look equally good then you’ve got neutral Undertones.

Too lazy to wear jewellery?

2. What colour are your VEINS?

You can also figure it out by checking the colour of your veins. Stand in the bright white light or put the torchlight on your wrist. Do your veins appear to be Green or blue? If Green, you’re warm-toned. If blue/ purplish, you’re Cool toned or if you cant tell if it’s blue /purple /green then you’re Neutral.

Voila! Sorted?

Much Love!
Haf. 💋

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